Mario Run Review

Mario Run Review When I decided to delve into game reviews I never expected I would feel any inkling to review a mobile game.   Yet here I am, doing just that.  Traveling during the holiday season left me with a lot of down time while in a car or in an airport.  It was either … Continue reading Mario Run Review

Secrets Within – 39

Beldor crouched defensively over the unconscious form of Mox while trying to shield the bloodied Anula and Cloud as best he could. “Move and you die, dwarf.  Now answer my question,”  commanded the half-elven woman from behind a longbow aimed directly at him.  “Why, after everything you’ve done, should we let you four live?” Behind the woman were … Continue reading Secrets Within – 39

Secrets Within – 38

The final sliver of sun disappeared along the horizon, casting the land surrounding Sallet in a muted, false light.  A thin smattering of clouds threatened rain, reflecting the tense anticipation that had settled on the city over the final few days of the election. Sallet practically thrummed with anticipation, speculation.  Every citizen was aware of the importance … Continue reading Secrets Within – 38